Estate Planning Fees


The fees to set up a trust depend on a number of factors.  Two main factors depend on the size of the trust and the number of assets that will be included. I have listed my general fees below for basic estate planning.  

Estate Plans - For clients that need a basic estate plan, the fee is $1850 for a single person and $2600 for a couple. A basic estate plan includes a revocable trust, pour over will, durable power of attorney, advanced health care directive, assignment of property and one real property deed.  

Amendments - Amendments are done on an hourly basis at $325 an hour. 

Restatement of Trust - A restatement of trust is done on an hourly basis at $325 an hour. 

Insurance Plans - If you are a member of ARAG legal insurance, fees are structured as "covered in full" plan or Will only.  Insurance does not cover property deeds or notary fees. Deeds are $150 per property (only California) and $15 per notarized signature.